CA Governor's Race: Who Has the Most to Lose in Tonight’s Debate?

by - September 04, 2014

I’d argue that the person with the most to lose won’t be on the stage. That person? Dan Richard, chair of the High Speed Rail Authority. Richard has done a terrific job keeping high-speed rail moving in the face of multiple legal challenges, a collapse in political support for the project, and the constant carping of much of the media (yours truly has referred to it as a “zombie”). But that momentum faces a moment of peril tonight. Why? Because high-speed rail is certain to come up, and it’s perhaps one issue where the differences between the candidates – both moderates who actually don’t have deep disagreements on the issues — are stark. Kashkari calls it the “Crazy Train” and wants it repealed. Brown has defended it strongly. The trouble for high-speed rail is that this may be the one issue upon which the challenger, Kashkari, has the force of public opinion at his back. And Brown knows it. So the question is: will Brown remain stalwart in his defense of high-speed rail, despite the fact that highlighting support could carry a political cost?

Source: Who Has the Most to Lose in Tonight’s Debate? :: Fox&Hounds

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