Bob Bauer: The Mayday PAC and Progressive Politics

by - September 04, 2014

So what Professor Lessig is proposing is a single-issue brand of politics that pursues its goal at a considerable cost in means and ends. It relies on money to achieve its goal; it insists that all other policy objectives should be subordinated to it; and it aims to be the decisive factor in the election of candidates who have tacked campaign finance reform onto platforms consisting of the repeal of health care reform, opposition to comprehensive immigration reform, support for NRA gun rights policies, and serious discussion of impeachment as a means of expressing opposition to the policies of the current administration. Understanding that progressives may be disturbed at least by the use of a Super PAC to bring about campaign finance reform, Professor Lessig and his associates have invited them to “embrace the irony.” They are being asked to embrace a good bit more than that, and they will have to swallow hard.

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