Will the Controller Recount Affect November’s Election?

by - July 08, 2014

Still, those who are aware of the Controller’s responsibilities may choose the Republican mayor of Fresno for the job. Swearengin has a fighting chance on a couple of fronts. As Claremont McKenna College political science professor John Pitney, Jr. told me, “The likelihood of continued Democratic control of the governorship and Legislature could work to Ashley Swearengin’s advantage in the race for controller.  She could make a very plausible case that a fiscal watchdog from the opposite party would serve as a check and balance against one-party rule.  During the Rockefeller years in New York, voters kept re-electing Democrat Arthur Levitt, Sr. as Comptroller (same job, different spelling) for that very reason.” Another factor is that Swearengin may be well funded. Republican donors are looking for a winner. If they pool their funds behind one or two candidates they believe has a chance to be elected, that candidate can be competitive in reaching the voters. Republicans have a modest agenda this election. They want to keep Democrats from securing a two-thirds majority in the legislative houses and they want to elect at least one statewide candidate. Election circumstances might conspire to help those agendas along.

Source: Will the Controller Recount Affect November’s Election? :: Fox&Hounds

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