Spending Spree: The Price of One-Party Rule in California

by - May 15, 2014

This year Californians are going to pay a steep price for their decision to lock in one-party governance in their state government. You see, Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, has introduced revisions to his proposed budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 that, if adopted, would increase spending year-over-year around $12 billion dollars more than last year and would result in the largest state budget in California history.  Under Brown's proposed budget, spending would increase to a staggering $156 billion ($107.8 billion of that being for the state's General Fund). Other than carrying over a vast number of big spending programs that are already in place, the Governor goes "all in" for funding high-speed rail--a program unpopular with voters because of its increasingly steep price tag--and over a billion dollars in increased spending for government-provided health care services, and much more. The Governor justifies this proposed increased spending based on an unanticipated increase in tax revenues.

Source: Spending Spree: The Price of One-Party Rule in California

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