If you provide it, they still might not come Marin County, Calif. surveys disabled voters about voting preferences

by - March 21, 2014

What they found had nothing to do with the availability of accessible voting machines, and everything to do with the availability of a stamp and mailbox:
  • Marin voters with disabilities prefer voting by mail by an overwhelming margin and, furthermore, that the mode of voting has a greater impact on the turnout of voters with disabilities than the availability of accessible voting machines at the polls;
  • A higher percentage (82 percent) of people with disabilities prefer to vote by mail than people without disabilities (73.3 percent); and
  • There is no correlation between disability and voting on an accessible voting device. A supermajority (76.4 percent) of the respondents said they had never voted on an accessible voting machine. The lack of use is not due to lack of availability since there is one accessible voting device in every polling place in the county and voters get information about it in the sample ballot mailed to them before every election.
Source: electionlineWeekly

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