Activist lawyer aims to drop campaign restrictions

by - March 11, 2014

Many of his far-fetched proposals have been rejected by federal regulators. But the 36-year-old conservative Republican could be on the brink of making election history - and his reputation - with a case the Supreme Court's justices are deliberating.
The case, McCutcheon v. the Federal Election Commission, seeks to eliminate the ceiling on what wealthy individuals can donate to federal candidates, parties and political action committees in a single, two-year election cycle.
Government watchdogs view McCutcheon, argued before the justices last October, as the biggest threat to campaign-finance regulations since the high court's 2010 Citizens Unitedruling allowed the use of unlimited corporate and union money to influence candidate races. If Backer's side prevails - and many court watchers predict at least a partial victory - it could open the door to other legal challenges to contribution limits.
Activist lawyer aims to drop campaign restrictions | Journal and Courier |

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