Opinion: Small donors could change imbalance of power

by - May 02, 2013

If the cherished notion of a free and self-governing America is to retain any legitimacy at all, we will have to correct the current grotesque imbalance of power between the wealthy and everybody else. Fortunately, House Democrats are putting together legislation that would reduce the excessive power of big donors by vastly expanding the ability of ordinary voters to contribute meaningfully to candidates of their choice. It’s a public financing initiative in which voters contributing $5, $25 or $100 would see their contributions enhanced fivefold or more — turning $50 into a $300 or even $550 contribution for the grass-roots candidates of their choice. Poor and middle-class voters who have been effectively silenced by the big-money crowd would begin to have their voices heard. A similar system in New York City has worked well.

Bob Herbert - POLITICO.com

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