Romney’s opportunities multiply

by - June 14, 2012

Meanwhile, it is Mitt Romney who is playing on his opponent’s side of the field. Josh Kraushaar of National Journal reports: “With the economy struggling to pick up steam, three must-win ‘blue-wall’ states are looking increasingly winnable for the Romney campaign: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Both election results (from the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall) and reputable polling show that all three states are shaping up to be highly competitive, and that both campaigns will be devoting significant resources there.” (He could also add Iowa to the list. The polls are knotted up there as well.)

Kraushaar also reports: “Obama’s team expected that the historic Democratic tilt of [Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin] would keep them in its column. But the slow-growing economy is putting them squarely in play, one of the biggest reasons why Obama’s reelection now looks in jeopardy.”

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