RNC to Unveil Social Victory Center for 2012 Online Campaign

by - April 30, 2012

The “Social Victory Center” is the brainchild of Andrew Abdel-Malik, who works in RNC’s political department.

Abdel-Malik told Breitbart News the Facebook application will be like a virtual “Facebook field office” because the application allows those who sign up for it to do many of things people can do at their local GOP headquarters. People can use the app for  phone banking, to download state-specific infographics they can take to the PTA or hand out in their neighborhoods, and to share news items and talking points with fellow online activists. He said what makes the “Facebook field office” potentially more powerful--and influential--is it “eliminates geographical boundaries”  and allows the RNC to engage volunteers at home. The application serves as a virtual “one-stop shop” for political activists.

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