#WinLikeAGirl: What Does It Mean? Honored to be listed with these women!

by - November 06, 2014

Too many times in our business, women don’t receive the public credit for the work they do – and that’s due to a number of reasons which can be debated until the cows come home. From running Party organizations, to directing media strategy, fundraising, running IE committees, directing field operations, passing legislation, guiding policy and leading advocacy orgs, women do it all and do it well. Pioneering women have been leading the way in this business and are prepared to serve and to encourage a younger generation of smart and effective women leaders and strategists. The door is wide open: come on in. To #WinLikeAGirl means a strategic mind, a bankable game plan, attention to detail, and ethics. Oh and yes – hard work like always.

Source: #WinLikeAGirl: What Does It Mean? | CalNewsroom.com

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