Facebook, Google, Have Own Get-Out-the-Vote Message

by - November 04, 2014

Facebook wants its users in the United States to vote this Election Day — and it plans to put a reminder Tuesday at the top of the news feed of each of its American users of voting age. Unlike previous election years, in which Facebook experimented with different messages to see how that affected turnout, this time the message will be the same for everyone, according to a company spokesman, Michael Buckley. Virtually every American logging on to Facebook on Tuesday — roughly 100 million people — will see a reminder that it’s Election Day, a guide to local polling places and a button that says, “I’m a Voter.” If you click on the button, your status as a voter will be shared with your friends (although just like anything else you share, it will have to duke it out with all the other postings competing for a spot in their news feed).

Source: Facebook Has Its Own Get-Out-the-Vote Message - NYTimes.com


The Internet’s top companies are pulling out all the stops to help voters get to the polls and keep track of their candidates on Election Day. Facebook, Google and other Silicon Valley giants are rolling out new pages, software and applications to encourage people to cast their ballots and stay on top of the latest returns.

Source: Google, Facebook aim to get out the vote

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