When Dems Are in Trouble, They Call Marc Elias

by - October 14, 2014

When Democratic campaigns across the country have major problems, their go-to fixer is super-lawyer Marc Elias. Elias chairs the political law practice for Washington, D.C., law firm Perkins Coie, and he has been involved in nearly every legal question the Democrats have had this cycle. The firm was founded by attorney Bob Bauer, who has been a close legal adviser to President Barack Obama ever since he decided to run for Senate in 2005. Bauer was the chief counsel for the Obama White House from Jan. 2010 to Jun. 2011. While Bauer was at the White House, Elias took the reins of the law firm’s political practice. Now he has become a key player for Democrats who find themselves in need of urgent legal help.

Source: When Dems Are in Trouble, They Call Marc Elias | Washington Free Beacon

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