: “Let’s be Real Here”? A Retort to FEC Commissioner Weintraub

by - October 16, 2014

Let’s be really real here. “Multimillionaires and billionaires” are among the few who can afford to retain lawyers and accountants to comply with or circumvent (that is, creatively comply with) “disclosure” regulations. While claiming to represent the will of the people in her statement of reasons (an interesting position for an unelected bureaucrat), Commissioner Weintraub sits on a commission (now longer than any current commissioner) that for far too long has served as the speech police, strangling small groups like Free Speech in red tape, punishing grassroots candidates like Sekhon and drawing a road map for state commissions that want to go after bloggers like Bailey who spend next to no money at all. “Reformers” can count Commissioner Weintraub as their staunch, unwavering ally in the disclosure debate. But for anyone claiming she’s standing up for democracy, allow me to retort: save it for the tourists.

Source: “Let’s be Real Here”? A Retort | Wyoming Liberty Group

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