Low Voter Turnouts: Voter Apathy or Voter Disgust?

by - August 28, 2014

Statewide, the voter turnout was an historic low of just 25%. This is well beyond voter apathy. This, I believe, is an electorate that is so disgusted with politics in America today that rather than attempting to change it through the elective process, they are tuning out. I wish I had a solution to the problem. Weak presidential leadership and a gridlocked do-nothing Congress is a big part, but also is the way campaigns are waged today. There is too much money – mostly from outside interests – being spent to fund too many TV ads and too many mailers that regurgitate the same hyper-partisan rhetoric we can hear daily on FOX News or MSNBC. What we are seeing is the collapse of our two-party system, with neither party any longer being able to appeal to the vast majority of voters.

Source: Low Voter Turnouts: Voter Apathy or Voter Disgust? :: Fox&Hounds

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