No, less disclosure will not reduce dark money

by - July 17, 2014

I’ve seen some odd arguments for limited disclosure over the years, but this may be just about the strangest and most divorced from reality. But, these ideas are out there now — so a debunking is necessary. Lewis argues that: As disclosure has become more frequent and more detailed, it is nearly impossible to run for Congress without focusing on early money. Frequent disclosure also makes early impressions matter more. If you’re elected to Congress in November, you can’t spend time learning the job or getting to know colleagues. By March, you have to report how much you have raised. Ninety days after being sworn in, political reporters, the opposing party, and political hacks will pore over your report to determine the strength of your reelection campaign based on money. Certainly, fundraising has become more demanding. But the primary reason that fundraising has become more demanding is not because of disclosure. It is because campaigns have become more expensive.

Source: No, less disclosure will not reduce dark money - Sunlight Foundation Blog

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