Watch the Democrats Engage in Constitutional Mischief

by - May 20, 2014

The constitutional amendment on campaign finance that Majority Leader Harry Reid and many Senate Democrats are pushing is a bad idea. Even supporters of strict regulation of money in politics (and I'm not in that camp) should oppose it. Yesterday, Reid argued for an amendment on the Senate floor, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy has promised a hearing. As Greg Sargent has shown, this is part of the Democratic election strategy of running against plutocrats and focusing on income inequality and economic opportunity. Whatever its merits as campaign strategy, it’s bad policy and bad for democracy. For a detailed case, see campaign-finance scholar (and regulation advocate) Rick Hasen’s paper on bad strategies for reacting to Citizens United.1 On the constitutional amendment path, he concludes

Source: Watch the Democrats Engage in Constitutional Mischief - Bloomberg View

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