Super PACs Have $63 Million Ready To Spend

by - February 13, 2014

Super PACs, who may accept  unlimited size donations, have $63 million in cash ready to spend on independent expenditures in the 2014 federal elections.
Over 1,300 Super PACs are registered with the Federal Election Commission, but only 300 had activity in 2013. They may not directly contribute to federal candidates, but they may make independent expenditures for and against candidates. Eighteen Super PACs have more than $1 million in cash at the beginning of 2014. Twenty-nine have cash balances between $250,000 and $999,999. Eighteen more have $100,000 to 249,999.
Democratic-oriented Super PACs reported $41 million cash on hand, and Republican-oriented Super PAC reported having $22 million cash on hand at the start of the year.
Super PACs Have $63 Million Ready To Spend | Political MoneyLine Blog

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