The New Left's war on private civic engagement

by - November 26, 2013

Rather, this latest iteration of the New Left’s crusade against so-called “dark money” is political intimidation, pure and simple. The New Left viscerally hates center-right ideas like constitutional limits on debt, union reform, and educational choice. It hates those ideas so much that it is determined never to debate them on the merits. Instead, the New Left aims to suppress freedom-oriented public policy by drying up networking and funding resources for effective advocacy — just like the IRS tried to suppress political engagement by constitutionalists; just like Senator Dick Durbin, who, under the guise of convening a committee to investigate “Stand Your Ground” laws, abused his office to intimidate supporters of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Simply put, flush with its own “dark money” and blind to its own hypocrisy, the New Left has become what the Old Left hated and feared. It has embraced the tactics of a hated historical enemy: Senator Joe McCarthy. It has stepped into the shoes of the Alabama trial court and Florida legislature that held the NAACP in contempt more than fifty years ago for refusing to disclose its membership lists.

The New Left's war on private civic engagement | The Daily Caller

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