Group wants states to rid voter rolls of the dead and ineligible

by - May 02, 2013

“The status quo is an embarrassment, it’s lawless, it’s criminal, it violates federal law, and the answer is to fix it,” he said. Mr. Adams accused the Obama administration’s Justice Department and the attorney general of failing to properly enforce federal voting rights law, which “forces private parties like ACRU to go in and do the job Eric Holder ought to be doing.” Mr. Adams said Jefferson Davis County was targeted because of voter violations there, including at least one case where a ballot was cast by a dead person. In Walthall, he said, the gap between registered and eligible voters was too big to ignore. But ACRU’s overall goal isn’t just to force voter purges in the two rural Mississippi counties of differing ethnic makeup — Jefferson Davis is 59 percent black and Walthall is 54 percent white. Rather, if the court rules in its favor, the lawsuits would serve as legal precedent to trigger purges in the more than 250 counties nationwide with similar voter roll irregularities. Mr. Adams says estimates show about 4 million ineligible voters nationwide were registered heading into November’s presidential election, including almost 2 million dead people. “We cannot have clean elections with 4 million ineligible voters on the rolls. You just can’t do it,” he said. “It has to be fixed on a nationwide basis.”

Washington Times

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