Karl Rove-linked Crossroads GPS fed up with FEC info requests

by - April 12, 2013

The FEC says that if donations were given to Crossroads GPS for the specific purpose of running issue ads — which, to the public, appears to be the group’s main purpose — Crossroads GPS should disclose those donations. Prodded by the agency on Thursday, Caleb Crosby, the group’s treasurer, responded in a tone not normally seen in official correspondence.
“This request is the fourth such [notification] we have received on this exact same subject,” he wrote. “If the cited provision has any relevance whatsoever to the reporting of contributions in connection with independent expenditures, it is, by its own terms, inapplicable to Crossroads GPS. As we have noted before in response to your [requests for additional information], Crossroads GPS is familiar with and understands the applicable reporting regulations.
“If the organization receives any contributions that are required to be reported … those contributions will be reported as required,” he wrote. “Your continued RFAIs on this subject are unnecessary. However, if you are required by commission guidelines or procedures to continue to send them, we will continue to respond with the exact same explanation.

Washington Times

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