California Electoral Reforms - The Diminution of Electoral Integrity

by - February 13, 2013

One of the most important functions of any electoral system is to ensure that only legally cast, legitimate votes are counted.  An electoral system that fails to do this can undermine the legitimacy of election results and thus the legitimacy of those elected to public office.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what has happened to California’s electoral system over the years, particularly in the last two, as the Democrats in the Legislature and Governor Brown have enacted a number of policies that minimize standards and place convenient voting and ease of ballot access above ballot security and electoral integrity.  While there are arguably some legitimate benefits from these policies, they are minimal, do not outweigh the costs, and come at a high price. This briefing report will consider the current state of California’s electoral system as it relates to electoral integrity by discussing some of the most egregious election reforms enacted over the last two years as well as their impact.1

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