Abramoff lists 8 tips to overhaul lobbying laws

by - January 29, 2013

In Abramoff's rebirth as a change agent, he proposes radical changes to Washington political practices to prevent what he did:

  • Don't permit anyone who gets money or perks from elected officials — a company, a union, an association, a law firm or an individual — to give them so much as $1.
  • Eliminate lobbyists' ability to wine and dine Congress members and staff; don't just place limits on it.
  • Bar for life anybody in Congress or on a congressional staff from working for any company, organization or association that lobbies the federal government.
  • Impose term limits for members of Congress — three, two-year terms for House members; two six-year terms for Senate.
  • Bar representatives from proposing, lobbying for or even voting on projects in their districts and states.
  • Disallow Congress from exempting itself from the laws it passes.
  • Repeal the 17th Amendment that stopped appointing U.S. Senators through state legislatures.
  • Pressure members of Congress to sign a pledge to clean up government that includes a promise to resign if they fail to do their part.

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