California: Key GOP Races To Watch Tonight | FlashReport

by - June 05, 2012

The prediction is that the turnout for today’s Presidential Primary (otherwise known as the “top-two” election for every other partisan office) will be low — very low — perhaps the lowest in history.  If you need a reason, look no further than the fact that the Obama-Romney matchup for the Fall has already been decided, and that only two measures are on the statewide ballot, neither of which are on issues that drive turnout.  In prior years, a hyper-low turnout would be great news for the ideological extremes in that the base vote of each party tends to be the party stalwarts on the left and on the right.  Add to the mix that DTS voters, at least when looking at VBM ballot returned, have been under-performing (which is typical in a June election), and the table would be set for a banner election for partisans.

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