2012 elections: Left girds for voting rights battle

by - June 21, 2012

“Making sure non-citizens are not voting in our elections is not a partisan issue. It’s the law,” said Lane Wright, a spokesman for the Florida governor. Democrats are “trying to make it a partisan issue by accusing us of devious motives. We’re trying to follow the law and do the right thing here and that’s our motive.”

The AFL-CIO’s program focuses on Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada. They’re all swing states with a whopping total of 99 electoral votes that Obama carried in 2008.

And they’re all states where a small slice of votes can determine the presidential victor. In 2004, the presidential contests in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada and Wisconsin were all decided by fewer than 200,000 votes. George W. Bush famously won Florida in 2000 by just 537 votes.

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