Why Romney is stronger than he seems

by - April 10, 2012

Romney's personality is appropriate to the task because it's so smooth and calming. It defies the stereotypes of button-pressing, Bible-thumping, government-hating conservatives, even as Romney exploits those issues in his rhetoric. That's Mitt's genius: even as he moves further to the right, moderate voters still believe he is one of them. His image is perfectly suited to the suburbs, something that has been a problem in the primaries but will be a bonus in the general election when he has to compete in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Best of all, Romney is the quintessential "it's the economy stupid" candidate. If there's one thing the public knows about him, thanks to his opponents, it's that Mitt understands how to run a business and make money. That puts him ahead on the two issues that really count: reducing the deficit and increasing employment.

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