What War on Women? Who Said Anything About a War on Women?

by - April 12, 2012

Sometimes I get the impression this administration could lose on overreach alone. Forcing Americans to violate their consciences. Attacking Ann Romney (was it the victory over MS or cancer that irked you the most?). As you point out, Jonah, claiming this White House has nothing to do with the outbreak of war talk, as Hilary Rosen has, is simply ludicrous. But it follows, given they do seem to think women are the most non-discerning of voters. 

I suppose the best thing allies of the White House have going for them is to convince everyone not to look at the president’s record. He is your hope and change. Let us ignore substance again! Records be darned. And then he will tell us what he really has planned for the second term, at the same time he tells Vladmir Putin?

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